Engage More Students with Flexible Pathways

Connect to thousands of certified allied healthcare and IT students who are looking to advance their careers via Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees.

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Hard to Find Students Ready to Enroll?

Post-secondary enrollment has declined dramatically over the past decade and an increasing number of students are either questioning the value of higher ed or are not college-ready.

How can you find and connect with students who are eager and ready to enroll in your programs?

Tap into Thousands of Students Already in Allied Health and IT

MedCerts trains and certifies thousands of young professionals in allied health and IT each year. Most are just getting started in entry-level jobs. Across the board, they will be looking to advance their careers, meaning they’re ready and interested in 2- and 4-year programs that can help them take the next step.

Through MedCerts’ articulated credit program, we make it easy for colleges and universities to locate, meet and connect with students who are ready to take the next step.

MedCerts Prepares the Way For a New Generation of Learners

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Meet Engaged Students

Each year we train and help some 15,000 students. They’ve already shown they’re interested and demonstrated success in learning environments.

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Certified in Allied Health or IT

MedCerts’ students have already passed any number of national certifications. But most have not pursued associate’s or bachelor’s degrees.

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Ideal Candidates For Growth

Our students already want to pursue great careers in allied health, so they will be very easy to engage and will persist in the next level of education.

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Cost-Effective Recruiting

Since we already know a lot about our students, it will be easy for you to pick up where we left off.

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