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MedCerts works with healthcare providers to train, develop, and prepare existing talent for in-demand roles in allied health.

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Complex Labor Issues Threaten Healthcare Providers

It’s time to face the facts. Retiring and aging Americans are creating unprecedented demand in the world of allied health. And this is happening during a time of persistent labor shortages and record-high turnover. These problems are merging to threaten the ability of every healthcare provider to offer quality care to patients nationwide.

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Close Talent Gaps by Training and Developing Existing Talent

One of the most advantageous strategies we can adopt to solve the current talent crisis is upskilling the current labor force. This approach offers a multitude of benefits with minimal risks and an invaluable opportunity to provide other avenues for untapped talent pools.

How Upskilling Can Work for Your Healthcare Practice

MedCerts is the ideal partner if you want to train and develop incumbent workers.
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MedCerts offers over 50 short-term programs you can enroll your employees in today. Each program is up-to-date and will prepare your employees to take the exams required by national certification organizations.

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Self-Paced and Online

All programs are online and flexible, which means they are ideal to fit the schedules of people currently in the workforce.

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Developed by Industry Experts

Programs are developed by healthcare professionals with many years of experience working in various healthcare settings.

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Interactive and Engaging

Each MedCerts program features highly interactive and engaging learning environments to ensure your staff is learning, engaged and not bombarded with PDFs and slideshows.

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Student Support

MedCerts offers Student Success Advisors to help and motivate your employees while they are enrolled.

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Time and Cost-Effective

Our programs typically only take 10-20 weeks to complete and come at a highly affordable cost. Additionally, MedCerts extends discounts and tailored pricing options based on the number of individuals you intend to enroll for training and development purposes.

With MedCerts Your Current Workforce is Your Best Future Workforce
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Retain Talent

One of the best ways to keep the employees you have today is by offering them more learning and development options. MedCerts will help them develop more marketable skills they can leverage into better pay and career development in your business.

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Close Skill Gaps

MedCerts’ programs provide the highly sought-after, in-demand skills that are so needed in healthcare today. All of our programs offer a healthy mix of technical skills and human (or soft) skills that are essential in successful candidates.

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Grow Your Company Culture

Recruiting new employees from other healthcare settings can be costly and risky. By upskilling your existing employees who are already familiar with your company culture, and investing in their development, they can grow at your organization, fostering a people-first environment and contributing to the company's success.

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Provide Cost-Effective Solutions

MedCerts supplies the most engaging, quickest, and cost-effective allied health education in the market today. You will not find another provider that can balance quality, cost, and time savings.


Our employer-sponsored train-and-hire model is not offered to partners and potential students/employees in Pennsylvania.