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It’s never too early for young minds to prepare for their future careers. MedCerts K12 solutions offer the opportunity for students to embark on non-traditional pathways, equipping them with industry-recognized certifications, high school credits and even college credits.

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Our Career Boosting Potential

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Our Career Boosting Potential

Our employer-recognized credentials ensure students' skills align with industry standards and significantly enhance their employability upon graduation.

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Comprehensive High School Credits

MedCerts programs seamlessly integrate with your existing high school curriculum, allowing students to effectively balance academic requirements while preparing for their future careers.

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Eligible for College Credit

Through our higher education partnerships, MedCerts programs are eligible for college credits – reducing the financial burden and potentially shortening the duration of their future degree programs

The High School to Healthcare Pipeline

Students can start as early as 11th grade taking just four courses through their last two years of high school – serving as electives or CTE credits for their graduation requirements. Our flexible online course offerings and self-paced learning modules easily fit into any learners’ busy schedules. This customization ensures students can explore their passions, cultivate their talents and build a solid foundation for their future careers without sacrificing other important commitments. They then graduate with a diploma and a national certification, leaving their K12 years "Work Ready" and able to get their foot in the door at a healthcare organization ahead of their peers. With our Articulated Credit partners, these students can use their certification toward college credits to stay ahead of the curve.

The MedCerts Advantage

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Fully Supported Study

MedCerts is dedicated to student success, providing comprehensive support through individual success advisors, subject matter experts and online resources throughout training.

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Lifetime Career Prep

Our students leave MedCerts with interview, job search and resume skills that will benefit them through the span of their career. In addition, they receive support from Career Coaches, Clinical Coordinators and access to our Career Center.

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Engaging, Interactive Curriculum

Developed with the latest in education technologies, learners are immersed in 3D worlds, engaged in gamified teachings and hear from real-world experts in each of MedCerts' programs.


Our employer-sponsored train-and-hire model is not offered to partners and potential students/employees in Pennsylvania.