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MedCerts partners with you to improve the supply of qualified candidates.

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How Train-and-Hire Works

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We locate quality candidates

Using an affordable employer-sponsored model, MedCerts locates candidates in your region, screens them and lets you select the ones you want to talk to.

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And get them trained

Candidates are enrolled in one of 55+ high-quality online programs designed to prepare them for entry-level healthcare professions. Students take 3 to 6 months to complete and are equipped with everything they need to work for you.

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So you can hire qualified talent

When students complete their program, they are ready to enter the workplace and fill those critical labor force gaps.

Our Train and Hire Partners

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Does Train-and-Hire Work?

To date, more than 100 organizations have relied on MedCerts’ train-and-hire partnership. Sanford Health, the largest rural health system in the U.S. reports that 86% of the candidates hired through MedCerts are still with the company after two years.

Our Train-and-Hire Model in Action

Download our Case Study to learn about the factors impacting the lack of candidates in the healthcare industry, traditional education limitations, and how we helped the largest rural healthcare system in the US build a train-and-hire program to fill their allied health positions.

Solving the Healthcare Vacancy Crisis

Take control of your talent acquisition strategy

Fill vacancies faster

Candidates can complete the program in just a few months and many are even ready before that. When talent is in short supply, creating your own talent is a sure-fire bet.

Build better talent pipelines

Use our programs and certificates to build a more cost-effective and strategic talent pipeline that fits your exact needs.

Connect with potential candidates earlier

Demand is high, which means now more than ever it's important to connect with potential candidates earlier.

Spend wisely

MedCerts’ programs are highly affordable and considerably less than tuition for a 2-year college training or the cost of developing an in-house program.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Get to talent early (before your competitors do) with an evergreen talent solution that’s more innovative than merely spending more money on recruiting and relying on large signing bonuses.

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Our employer-sponsored train-and-hire model is not offered to partners and potential students/employees in Pennsylvania.