MedCerts’ Healthcare & Medical Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeships are a customizable solution for your organization to attract, train and retain employees. The apprenticeship model is a “win-win” in that employees are paid while gaining clinical experience and employers are assured of a fully prepared, certified workforce.

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Department of Labor Approved Programs

MedCerts is one of the only DOL-approved registered apprenticeship providers. All apprenticeship programs consist of five components (and their business equivalent):
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Direct Business Involvement

Structured on-the-job training plans that identify all the skills and competencies that need to be acquired. [Job Descriptions & Responsibilities]

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Related Instruction

Instruction that complements on-the-job learning and delivers the technical, workforce and academic competencies. [External Training]

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Structured On-The-Job Training

Training from an experienced mentor employed at the job site for one year using the Work Process document. [Mentoring & Performance Reviews]

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Rewards for Skills Gained

Progressive wage increases throughout the apprenticeship with skill benchmarks attained by apprentices. [Merit-Based Increases]

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National Certificate Credential

Graduates of registered apprenticeship programs receive a nationally-recognized credential. [Position/Title Change]

Why Apprenticeships Work in Healthcare

Partnering with MedCerts and using our blueprint for success to run your apprenticeship program pays off in innumerable ways.

  • Addresses Skill Gaps
  • Reduces Hiring Costs
  • Increases Talent Pool
  • Retains Employees
  • Best-in-Class Training Model
  • Grants & Funding Options Available
  • MedCerts Acts as DOL Intermediary
  • Scales Across Multiple States
  • 50% Faster than Typical College Programs
  • Fills Vacancies from Day 1

Registered Apprenticeship Programs


HI 5100A Professional Coder - Apprenticeship

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HI 6000A Medical Assistant - Apprenticeship

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HI 6100A Phlebotomy Technician - Apprenticeship

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HI 7000A Patient Care Technician - Apprenticeship

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RX 3000A Pharmacy Technician Professional (ASHP/ACPE) - Apprenticeship

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ST 3000A Surgical Technologist - Apprenticeship

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CompTIA A+ CompTIA Security+ CompTIA Network+

IT 5500A IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician Apprenticeships

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HI 7200A Mental Health Support Specialist - Apprenticeship

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HI 7300A Mental Health Support Professional - Apprenticeship

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Registered Apprenticeship Checklist

We have the apprenticeship-building process down to a science and are here to support you every step of the way. Want a better idea of what the process involves?

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Apprenticeship Resources

Since 2020, we’ve been helping our partners build DOL-approved apprenticeship programs successfully. We’ve created FREE resources for you to download.

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Our employer-sponsored train-and-hire model is not offered to partners and potential students/employees in Pennsylvania.