Elevate Your Success: Discover Our Comprehensive Marketing Service Options!

At MedCerts Partner Solutions, we believe in the power of collaboration and the strength of partnerships. Our marketing service options are not just add-ons; they are integral parts of a holistic strategy aimed at propelling our partners towards success.

Marketing Service Options Pricing

Included Services
Rollout Kit
A kit that has templates, instructions, and best practices for launching a partnership.
Reports that show the amount of leads coming in.
This could be a press release and/or story and ongoing PR opportunities; managed by MedCerts working with the partner.
Email to MedCerts Students/Alumni
Available for academic partners who do articulated credit with us. An email sent to MedCerts' audience promoting a university's articulated credit offering.
We will organize and co-host at least one co-branded webinar to encourage enrollments or for any other purpose to reach mutually beneficial goals.
Paid Services
Web Services
Landing Page
A customized landing page with more limited information about each program the partner is offering.
Basic Microsite
A basic microsite that displays webpages for all of the programs the partner is offering.
Custom Media
Custom Flyer
A customized flyer outside of the templates that MedCerts already offers to partners.
Custom Social Post
Customized social media content other than templates offered by MedCerts.
Custom Video
A video about this specific partnership.
Paid Ads
At least $500/mo from partner (MedCerts matches monthly). MedCerts handles all the set up and launch of the ads with partner approval. Co-branded.
Virtual/In-Person Events
Additional Webinars
We will handle all the setup and organization of any additional webinar to encourage enrollments or any other mutually beneficial objectives/goals.
Career Fairs
These event can take place either virtually or in person, and we'll assist in sourcing talent for your career fair, providing you with the opportunity to conduct on-the-spot interviews and potentially enroll candidates into your school's programs.
Virtual $1500-4000 | In-Person $2500-4500***

*A highly customized website that displays webpages for all of the programs the partner is offering. Includes other asks from partner, including, but not limited to customized coded branding and accessibility requirements.

**The cost of a MedCerts managed webinars may fluctuate based on various factors, including the webinar's specific topic, duration, the number of sessions, promotional resources, and the quantity of attendees and speakers involved.

***The pricing information provided for our virtual and in-person career fair services is intended for general reference and may be subject to adjustments. The actual cost may vary based on specific event requirements, such as the number of participating employers and job seekers, customization options, additional features, and promotional services. To receive an accurate and personalized pricing quote tailored to your unique needs and objectives, please contact our team to discuss your virtual career fair in detail.


Our employer-sponsored train-and-hire model is not offered to partners and potential students/employees in Pennsylvania.