Diversify Offerings, Secure Enrollments, Create Revenue.

Quickly stand up non-credit online allied health and IT programs to boost enrollments and capture revenue.

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Developing New Programs is Costly and Time-Consuming

To serve students, expand enrollments and capture new revenue, education providers must add new career-oriented, non-credit programs in a timely fashion.

This is much easier said than done. Such programs can cost millions of dollars to get off the ground, and most schools just don’t have the bandwidth or resources to manage it all.

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Allied Health and IT Programs Built to Deploy

Postsecondary institutions partnering with MedCerts can white-label a large array of non-credit allied health and IT programs.

All MedCerts’ programs are online, available 24-7 and professionally produced to ensure that students are engaged and walk away with all appropriate KSAs and certifications.

In addition to being online, courses include hands-on virtual modules and are fully supported by our student and career services teams.

Meet Market Demand

We understand the fear and frustration that comes with adding new programs, which is why we will help you stand up our programs as your own. It’s a win for you, your students and the many businesses in desperate need of new talent.

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Quickly Stand Up New Programs

MedCerts offers over 50 cost-effective, short-term programs your institution can white label to diversify your existing programs and respond to intense market demand for allied health and IT professionals.

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Boost Enrollment By Offering More Flexible Pathways

Students are looking for career-oriented employment and education programs that quickly set them up for future learning and development. MedCerts’ programs check both boxes. By white labeling our courses, you can get more students workforce ready and easily recruited into additional associate’s and bachelor’s programs.

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Help More Students Advance Their Education and Careers

A MedCerts partnership will help lower the barriers to entry and serve more students via affordable, online programs that will keep them engaged.

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Create New Sources of Revenue

With no up-front costs to create the programs, hire additional subject matter experts and faculty or build curriculum, you can quickly start to enroll students and begin collecting tuition. This is one easy way colleges and universities can use MedCerts’ programs to seamlessly create additional sources of revenue.

Other Benefits of Working with MedCerts

Microsites to Help You Get Started

MedCerts can build and host microsites to help you launch and market your new programs to students. Plus, we’ll customize them to feature your unique branding and make the offerings consistent with how you currently market existing programs.

Student Success and Career Support

MedCerts also offers personalized motivation, support and subject matter expertise through our student success and career support services. If you’d like the MedCerts’ team to support students and staff, we can do that.


Our employer-sponsored train-and-hire model is not offered to partners and potential students/employees in Pennsylvania.