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Accelerate Time-to-Market

Instead of spending time and money on creating new allied health courses, use MedCerts’ high quality and engaging online programs to reduce your time-to-market and capture new enrollments.

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Quality Content at an Affordable Price

MedCerts employs industry experts who craft up-to-date, industry-standard content used by thousands of students each year. We are able to bring this content to you at a fraction of the cost compared to developing it from scratch.

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Pay Only When Students Enroll

With MedCerts, you only pay when students enroll, providing low-risk program piloting opportunities for your organization.

Bring interactive and engaging curriculum to your students

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Immersive 3D Environments

Developed by experts at the forefront of instructional technology, our programs transport students to an interactive, online world that replicates real-world environments.

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Created by Industry Experts

Developed with input from subject matter experts, national certifying bodies and industry professionals, our material is always up-to-date, teaching the real-world skills needed for success.

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Captivating Gamified Learning

Interactive instruction helps students retain more info and quickly grasp concepts. MedCerts’ programs provide students with the core foundations they need and provide them with their first exposure to the real tasks they will encounter in a work environment.

Flexible and Customizable Content

Expand your organization's reach and attract more learners with MedCerts' 20+ frontline healthcare courses. Easily integrate and immediately stand up new programs to market and enroll learners faster.

Labor shortages and declining enrollments make it increasingly important for colleges and universities to quickly expand curricula so they can provide the most up-to-date training for learners. Organizations able to keep up with the massive demand for allied health professionals are more appealing to students and employers alike.

A partnership with MedCerts allows you to create high-quality courses while lowering costs and keeping courses affordable.

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