Streamline CNA Recruitment with Online Training

MedCerts offers an innovative train-and-hire model that helps healthcare employers build a qualified pipeline of Certified Nursing Assistant talent. We handle recruitment and training, so you can hire candidates for your vacancies.

Solve Your CNA Training and Recruitment Needs

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The Problem:

There is a shortage of Certified Nursing Assistants, leading to increased costs for healthcare employers in recruiting and training. The traditional training and hiring process for CNAs can take up to six months, costing between $500 and $1,500 per CNA.

The Curriculum:

Partnering with Cinematic Healthcare Educations' ReadyCNA program, MedCerts provides an interactive, cloud-based training curriculum. It includes a three-hour movie, "The Residents," and focuses on developing both technical and emotional skills.

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The Process:

  1. Recruitment: We create a customized recruitment strategy to attract qualified candidates using online job postings and targeted social media advertising.

  2. Screening and Selection: Our recruitment specialists review resumes, work experience, education and additional qualifications to select the most suitable candidates.

  3. Training and Certification: Candidates enroll in the self-paced ReadyCNA program, which includes interactive simulations, case studies and personalized support from healthcare educators.

  4. Hiring and Onboarding: MedCerts assists with coordinating interviews, verifying credentials and providing ongoing support throughout the onboarding process.

The Solution:

MedCerts' train-and-hire model, along with the ReadyCNA program, offers a comprehensive solution for healthcare employers. Streamline your recruitment, reduce turnover and ensure a skilled workforce for high-quality care.


Our employer-sponsored train-and-hire model is not offered to partners and potential students/employees in Pennsylvania.