How MedCerts is using Generative AI to make online learning even more realistic!

We’ve been in the online learning game since 2009, so we’re no strangers to technology in education. We’re constantly evaluating and evolving our certification training programs with the latest in eLearning capabilities, like generative AI.

Learn How You Can Utilize Our Cutting Edge eLearning

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Enhanced eLearning through Instructional Technology

MedCerts' interactive, immersive teaching creates a better online learning experience for students. We’ve developed an anatomy and physiology course incorporating the best instructional technologies to improve knowledge retention, increase attention span, and create the ultimate learning environment. With over 50 simulations, augmented reality, 3D demonstrations, and a companion app for mobile devices, our A&P course is peak online learning.

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Online Learning from Instructors

No cookie-cutter content here. Recorded in our in-house studio, MedCerts programs include video lectures from industry subject matter experts. This foundational knowledge is presented with supporting imagery, 2D/3D graphics, animations, diagrams, and more to visualize the content.

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Virtual, Immersive Environments

How do we ensure maximum effectiveness in teaching? Immersive Learning. This offers a distraction-free online experience where you aren’t just observing but an active participant. Our team of developers, instructors, designers, 3D artists, programmers, and instructional designers use technology to form a complete immersive ecosystem.

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Interactive Skills Activities

Take control of the tool, devices, and objects of your trade in a guided, prompted, and process-oriented manner completely virtually. Interactive activities allow you to learn real tasks and practice hands-on, clinical skills repeatedly and safely – building familiarity and comfort.

MedCerts 12 Elements of eLearning

No one does online learning like MedCerts. Our Instructional Design technology provides a platform for concepts and skills to be explored, experienced, practiced, and understood so thoroughly that they can be successfully reproduced and applied in actual, real-world scenarios. We utilize 12 Elements of eLearning, developed using David E. Merrill’s principles of Instructional Design, to provide a well-rounded, diverse experience for every type of learner.

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Instructor-Led Videos

Instructors present content with visual elements like 3D graphics, animations, and text

Id 3d animated demonstrations

3D Animated Demonstrations

Understand complex tasks by learning through observation and investigation

Id scenario based learning

Scenario-Based Learning

AI-enabled virtual humans help create a safe, engaging experience and promote meaningful behavioral changes like empathy

Id screen based simulations

Screen-Based Simulations (SBSs)

Kinesthetic learners are free to manipulate tools, devices, and equipment in a guided, prompted and process-oriented manner

Id augmented reality

Augmented Reality

Computer-generated objects within real-world environments as viewed through a camera lens immerses the learner to inspire interactivity.

Id industry insights

Industry Insights

Real-world professionals provide anecdotes and "day-in-the-life" wisdom.

Id simulated software applications

Simulated Software Application

Vendor-leveraged software provides practice, demonstration and application of real-world processes, tasks and functions

Id task based demonstrations

Task-Based Demonstration

View accurate, real-world presentations of tasks, processes and skills recorded using actual practitioners

Id game based learning

Game-Based Learning

Gamification is proven to target a specific skill while engaging learners and enhancing knowledge retention

Id physical virtual couseware and worktexts

Physical & Virtual Courseware

Courseware is comprised of MedCerts (or vendor-published) textbooks, eBooks, or PDFs utilized as resources

Id performance based exam prep

Performance-Based Exam Prep

Integrates exam prep in a course to align with actual certification objectives and the certification body.

Id standardized assessments

Standardized Assessments

Periodic assessments – quizzes, mid-terms, and final exams – require learners to apply knowledge gained, demonstrate competency


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