Content Licensing: A Better Way to Scale Up In-Demand Allied Health Programs

Published on October 9, 2023

We all know that the demand for healthcare is large, growing, and has no signs of slowing down. As a result, the nation needs far more training and education to prepare a new generation of workers for this massive and important field. But when it comes to developing training and education for healthcare—especially when it comes to meeting the massive demand for entry-level workers—traditional colleges and universities face a real dilemma.

First, developing new programs is expensive. Especially with colleges suffering the biggest decline in enrollment in recorded history coupled with very poor financial outlooks, adding new programs is a very tall order.

Second, entry-level healthcare positions are just that: entry-level. As vital as they are, these are gateway jobs, not destination careers. Workers tend to use these careers as launching pads. The point is that it doesn’t make sense for colleges and universities to offer high-tuition, multi-year programs for these critical jobs.

The solution to these problems resides in MedCerts’ content licensing approach. MedCerts’ courses are off the shelf and affordable. This means that colleges, universities, and other educators do not have to shoulder heavy burdens in order to use the content. Further, when educators partner with MedCerts to offer programs to students via an appealing cost-share model, they can actually drive revenue (without incurring new costs) back to their own institution.

The cost to students is simultaneously very low. MedCerts’ courses are priced to ensure that students receive a good ROI. Because entry-level healthcare positions are not the highest paying, nor do they attract workers for very long, MedCerts has designed each program to be easy for students to pay for and quick (each course taking an average of 10-12 weeks) to complete.

Here are a handful of other reasons to consider content licensing from MedCerts for your next academic year.

1. Engage your students with high-quality content from trusted industry experts

By licensing programs and certifications from MedCerts, you gain access to high-quality content created by industry experts with years of experience in their respective fields. The content is regularly updated to reflect current industry standards and best practices. And while many online courses can be a weary series of slideshows ad nauseam, MedCerts’ programs feature highly interactive, engaging videos that keep students engaged and on track.

2. Access a large library of courses

MedCerts’ licensed content includes more than 30 frontline healthcare courses for in-demand jobs such as medical coders, medical assistants, and pharmacy technicians. You can use these courses as the primary content in your training, or you can use them to supplement your training programs

3. Customize your courses and educational solutions

Another perk of partnering with MedCerts is that you use MedCerts’course catalog to supplement your own offerings. For instance, let’s say your college already has surgical tech courses set up, but you would like to add MedCerts’ course on Professionalism in Allied Health to your existing program. MedCerts has designed all of our material to dovetail with your own curriculum, filling any gaps.

The flexible licensing structure means you can take advantage of this licensed content and structure it in the way that best works for your institution and your students.

4. Pay only when a student enrolls

MedCerts’ licensed content will not surprise you with any upfront expenses. You pay content licensing fees to MedCerts only when students enroll in your programs. Thus, you have greater flexibility with costs, and your organization takes on minimal risk.

5. Manage the affordable fees

On top of requiring no upfront costs, MedCerts provides expert content at a very low expense to you. Licensing fees start as low as $500—substantially more affordable than spending the normal cost associated with creating expert content yourself.

Why License Content from MedCerts?

Your institution can benefit significantly from integrating licensed content from MedCerts. Enjoy expert content, flexible structuring options, and no upfront costs. Learn more about MedCerts and our dozens of online career training programs today by getting in touch with us.

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Written by
Rafael Castaneda
Senior Vice President of Workforce Development

With more than 20 years in the postsecondary arena, Rafael has focused on workforce strategies that build programmatic pathways for unemployed and underemployed students from underserved populations.

Before joining MedCerts, Rafael was the chief academic officer and dean of education at CBD College, a private two-year allied health college in Los Angeles. He also served as a strategy and innovation leader for Jobs for the Future (JFF) crafting connections between postsecondary actors and thought leaders. He is a member of the advisory board of the University of California, Irvine’s Customer Experience Program. Rafael has worked with over 2K schools and 1K workforce organizations & employers on solutions.

He strongly believes the three-legged stool of workforce success are schools, businesses, and community organizations but they need a catalyst and that is where MedCerts comes in – as the driver of the solutions to supplement and complement the three.

A passionate believer in education as a great equalizer, Rafael joined MedCerts because the organization provides the opportunity to actively participate in bridging the digital divide and skills gap for unserved populations of students. This extremely rewarding and tangible championing of education-based initiatives alongside serving all demographics students provides a rare opportunity to not just speak, but do.

Rafael is a husband to a brilliant and talented wife, father to two ambitious daughters, and an active member of his community. You will find him at a spin class most weekday mornings and doing outside activities with his family and their French bulldog, Penny, on the weekends. He has lived and worked in all time zones and in nine states over the past 12 years. Connect with Rafael on LinkedIn.

Published on October 9, 2023

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