Hire and Train Quality Talent (Without Recruiting)

Published on April 29, 2024

Talented employees are the face of your organization. While management often works behind the scenes, your healthcare employees interact with patients and provide the hands-on care they need. Their presence is essential to your organization’s success.

Struggling to hire and train quality talent is not only frustrating, it can lead to diminished regard in the healthcare industry. Without enough staff available, potential patients may turn to competitors for their healthcare needs.

Luckily, you don’t need to spend hours and countless dollars on recruiting these top talents. Here’s how MedCerts is your partner in bringing in the staff you need.

How to Train and Hire Top-Quality Talent

When you partner with MedCerts, you outsource your employee recruitment and training. MedCerts becomes the third party in the employer-employee relationship, helping ensure new recruits have the skills and knowledge to meet your needs.

The Train-and-Hire Model

Employers seeking top talent want employees who can jump in from day one. That’s a vision MedCerts shares, which is why the Train-and-Hire model is the ideal employer solution.

With this model, MedCerts follows a specific process. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Work with MedCerts to determine your staffing needs. You decide the skills candidates must have as prerequisites and what other hard and soft skills they’ll need to achieve.

Step 2: MedCerts begins the recruitment process to find quality talent. The recruiting team uses a mix of different marketing channels, such as paid advertising and social media, to find potential leads near your business. Once the team receives a pool of candidates, they narrow the list to the applicants who best fit your criteria.

Step 3: Receive the list of candidates for review. Once you give final approval and conditionally hire the candidates, they start their MedCerts training.

Step 4: Your conditional hires become MedCerts students. As MedCerts students, they have access to Student Success Advisors, immersive learning, exam prep and flexible scheduling.

Step 5: Students take their certification exams. Each program culminates in sitting for the corresponding national certification, whether it’s to become a Medical Billing Specialist, Phlebotomy Technician, Health Unit Coordinator or other essential healthcare professional.

Step 6: Make the hire official. As long as your new hires complete all requirements and pass their certification exams, you officially hire them onto your staff. With their immersive training and newly acquired hard and soft skills, your employees are ready to fulfill their roles immediately.

Customizing Your Training

Sometimes, hires-in-training need further in-house instruction to be able to perform their roles. You may wish to add separate, on-site clinical training for new hires to complete after their formal MedCerts training. This instruction might offer facility-specific information or follow-up prep work that new hires must know on their first day.

MedCerts Train-and-Hire: Recruitment Made Easy

Long gone are the days of frustrating candidate searches or new hires who looked good on paper but couldn’t meet your organization’s needs. When you hire using the MedCerts Train-and-Hire model, you’ll have employees primed for their roles. Your new employees can help keep your healthcare facility running at optimal speed. Contact our MedCerts partnership team today to learn more.

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Written by
Jennifer Kolb
National Director of Workforce Development

As MedCerts National Director of Workforce Development, Jennifer Kolb is responsible for overseeing strategy and business development efforts at MedCerts with an emphasis on the k-career pipeline.

Prior to MedCerts, Jennifer served in several leadership positions at Tallo and Hawkes Learning where she built and lead sales and marketing, new product launches, technology development updates and an entire product relaunch to be ADA compliant.

Jennifer has spent a decade within the workforce industry working with educators, state leaders, business and industry officials, post-secondary institutions and grant organizations from across the country, all with the mission of bettering people's lives. Coming from a long line of educators and with a business-centered mindset, Jen is passionate about student success and cultivating creative strategies for ensuring all talent has access to educational and career-related opportunities.

Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Psychology with a focus in business management from Clemson University.

Published on April 29, 2024

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Our employer-sponsored train-and-hire model is not offered to partners and potential students/employees in Pennsylvania.