How to Add Immersive Learning Design to Your Content Suite

Published on August 2, 2023

In today's fast-paced and technology-driven educational landscape, immersive learning has emerged as an impressive approach to enhance students’ learning experiences. Immersive learning is a dynamic method that creates an environment where students actively participate and interact with their content.

Embracing immersive programs offers numerous benefits to your students, including increased motivation, improved critical thinking and the development of practical skills. Here’s further insight into how to infuse your content suite with MedCerts’ ready-made immersive learning design, revolutionizing how your institution shapes learners' minds.

Immersive Learning Programs With MedCerts

By integrating immersive programs, MedCerts empowers educators and institutions to prepare students for fulfilling careers in healthcare. The innovative approaches include:

Instructor Led Videos

At MedCerts, we leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver instructor-led videos that go beyond conventional lectures. By incorporating 3D graphics, text overlays, and animations, students can visualize complex medical procedures, anatomy and concepts with impressive clarity. This approach enhances comprehension and engagement, making programs more enjoyable and effective.

Scenario-Based Learning

Through immersive scenario-based learning, MedCerts utilizes AI-enabled virtual humans to simulate realistic patient interactions. Students can practice decision-making in various medical scenarios, honing their clinical skills and critical thinking. This interactive approach fosters empathy, adaptability and quick decision-making, preparing students for challenges in real healthcare settings.

Performance-Based Exam Preps

Immersive learning at MedCerts extends to exam preparation with performance-based simulations. These simulations replicate certification exams, allowing students to apply their knowledge in a controlled environment. By practicing under exam conditions, learners build confidence, reduce test anxiety and increase their chances of success in achieving professional certifications.

Simulated Software Applications and Augmented Reality

With simulated software applications and Augmented Reality (AR), MedCerts enhances hands-on training experiences. Medical students can access virtual labs and interact with lifelike medical equipment, learning how to operate and troubleshoot devices safely. AR overlays virtual elements onto the real-world environment, enabling learners to practice skills in situational contexts.

Physical & Virtual Courseware

MedCerts also offers a comprehensive blend of physical and virtual courseware to enrich learning. Physical courseware includes MedCerts' thoughtfully curated textbooks and educational resources. Conversely, virtual courseware encompasses various digital resources such as eBooks and PDFs, ensuring convenient accessibility across various devices.

Partner With MedCerts

Partnering with MedCerts and integrating our immersive learning solutions into your content suite can improve how you deliver education and engage students. We offer a versatile content licensing model that opens up several paths for educational institutions to enhance learning. These models include:

Course Reselling

With this content licensing model, institutions can access MedCerts' extensive library of immersive learning courses and resell them to their students. This approach allows educators to offer high-quality, industry-recognized programs without the overhead of creating courses from scratch.

Supplementing Programs

Institutions can complement their existing programs with MedCerts' immersive learning content. Whether it's adding AR simulations to hands-on training or incorporating AI-driven scenario-based learning, the supplementary materials enhance the overall educational experience.

Credit for Prior Learning

MedCerts' immersive courses are often recognized and accredited by relevant authorities and industry associations. This accreditation facilitates the smooth transfer of credits earned through MedCerts' programs to the institution's curriculum. Students can seamlessly transition between MedCerts and your institution, providing them with a holistic and continuous learning journey.

MedCerts' immersive programs cover numerous disciplines, ensuring that institutions can tailor their curriculum to meet their students' needs and interests. Partner with us today and enjoy our adaptable content licensing model.

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Written by
Rafael Castaneda
Senior Vice President of Workforce Development

With more than 20 years in the postsecondary arena, Rafael has focused on workforce strategies that build programmatic pathways for unemployed and underemployed students from underserved populations.

Before joining MedCerts, Rafael was the chief academic officer and dean of education at CBD College, a private two-year allied health college in Los Angeles. He also served as a strategy and innovation leader for Jobs for the Future (JFF) crafting connections between postsecondary actors and thought leaders. He is a member of the advisory board of the University of California, Irvine’s Customer Experience Program. Rafael has worked with over 2K schools and 1K workforce organizations & employers on solutions.

He strongly believes the three-legged stool of workforce success are schools, businesses, and community organizations but they need a catalyst and that is where MedCerts comes in – as the driver of the solutions to supplement and complement the three.

A passionate believer in education as a great equalizer, Rafael joined MedCerts because the organization provides the opportunity to actively participate in bridging the digital divide and skills gap for unserved populations of students. This extremely rewarding and tangible championing of education-based initiatives alongside serving all demographics students provides a rare opportunity to not just speak, but do.

Rafael is a husband to a brilliant and talented wife, father to two ambitious daughters, and an active member of his community. You will find him at a spin class most weekday mornings and doing outside activities with his family and their French bulldog, Penny, on the weekends. He has lived and worked in all time zones and in nine states over the past 12 years. Connect with Rafael on LinkedIn.

Published on August 2, 2023

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