How to Hire IT Professionals: 4 Lesser-Known Methods

Published on May 29, 2024

The tech industry is constantly evolving – which is why it has one of the highest worker turnover rates at 13.2%. This figure underscores the significant recruitment challenge HR executives face when looking to hire Information Technology (IT) talent.

You need the right recruitment strategy to stay ahead of the curve in this competitive job market. With this in mind, here are 5 lesser-known methods on how to hire IT professionals for your organization. These data-driven insights can help you attract and retain top IT experts.

Understand the Exact Job Requirements

Determining the specific employee profile your organization needs is crucial when recruiting top IT experts. Applications are likely from a range of prospects, including recent software engineer graduates to experienced data science analysts and developers.

Finding applicants with the right technical expertise and soft skills will be crucial to competing favorably in the tech landscape. While the stereotypical introverted tech experts may have thrived in previous years, you may now need an employee who can adapt and fit in your modern tech team. Soft skills like adaptability, communication and problem-solving are prerequisite traits as they help drive innovation in tech.

Develop a Network of IT Experts

Nurturing an extensive network of tech experts can give you access to game-changing talent with genuine respect and connections to your organization. The strength and reputation of your brand can be the key difference between hiring top-tier members for your tech team and simply filling a vacant position.

Developing this impressive network of software developers and tech specialists requires regular engagement. Social media platforms provide an excellent space to introduce your organization to the tech world. You can build your following and boost engagement by participating in online discussion groups and forums relevant to your niche. Additionally, organize hackathons, coding challenges and webinars to engage tech enthusiasts.

For a more physical presence, you can opt to network at industry meetups, seminars and conferences. Build your reputation by introducing your organization, exchanging contacts and following up on discussions. Maintaining these connections will enable you to find appropriate candidates when the need arises.

Establish Attractive Referral Programs

Employee referral programs may be the secret recruitment strategy you need to find that elusive IT expert for your organization. The brilliance of referral programs lies in the capacity to leverage the untapped network of your trusted employees.

You get them to reach out to prospective candidates who can seamlessly integrate into your company’s culture owing to the pre-existing connection. These referral employees tend to stay on longer than other prospects recruited through other methods.

To develop an effective referral program, you need to ensure the rewards are sincerely attractive. While monetary bonuses are standard, consider offering experiences, offers or products that align with your tech team’s interests. Ensure you communicate the referral procedure, define successful referrals and mention how referees can recoup rewards for transparency.

Partner With MedCerts

Partnerships between tech organizations and training institutions are emerging as a compelling recruitment strategy. These collaborations provide numerous exciting opportunities in keeping with the rapidly advancing tech sector.

MedCerts, an online learning provider with numerous IT programs, offers various partnership opportunities you can leverage. One partnership opportunity is the train-and-hire model. In this staffing solution, MedCerts recruits prospective candidates that they then train for the position you need to fill. Upon completion, your new employee has the required skills and accreditation to start working in your organization.

MedCerts also offers reskilling and upskilling opportunities to your current workforce. By equipping your employees with the latest skills in tech, you don’t have to go back into the market for new employees. Collaborating with MedCerts sets you up to compete cost-effectively with other tech giants in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

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Written by
Jennifer Kolb
National Director of Workforce Development

As MedCerts National Director of Workforce Development, Jennifer Kolb is responsible for overseeing strategy and business development efforts at MedCerts with an emphasis on the k-career pipeline.

Prior to MedCerts, Jennifer served in several leadership positions at Tallo and Hawkes Learning where she built and lead sales and marketing, new product launches, technology development updates and an entire product relaunch to be ADA compliant.

Jennifer has spent a decade within the workforce industry working with educators, state leaders, business and industry officials, post-secondary institutions and grant organizations from across the country, all with the mission of bettering people's lives. Coming from a long line of educators and with a business-centered mindset, Jen is passionate about student success and cultivating creative strategies for ensuring all talent has access to educational and career-related opportunities.

Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Psychology with a focus in business management from Clemson University.

Published on May 29, 2024

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