How to Upskill Your Surgical Technologist Employees

Published on May 14, 2024

Surgical technology is advancing at an unexpected pace. Innovations like robotic-assisted surgeries and minimally invasive techniques that were once rare have become commonplace in surgery. With ongoing change, how can you ensure your surgical technologists have the skills to keep pace? Here’s where the need to upskill your employees comes in.

Staying updated with the latest techniques in the medical profession is essential for optimal patient care. This article will explore why surgical technologist training matters and how solutions from MedCerts can help meet this demand for continuous learning.

Benefits of Upskilled Surgical Technologists

A highly skilled surgical technologist team offers numerous advantages beyond the operating room. They include:

Improved Surgical Efficiency

Upskilled surgical technologists are adept at using new technology. This continuous learning translates to faster instrument prep, smoother anticipation of the surgeon's needs and quicker troubleshooting if issues arise. The enhanced proficiency helps streamline surgical processes, leading to shorter procedure times and reduced risks of complications.

Enhanced Patient Outcomes

Upskilling isn't only about efficiency but also about patient care. With a strong foundation in the latest advances, surgical technologists can ensure proper instrument sterilization and careful handling of delicate tissues. The results are reduced risk of surgical infections, improved surgical precision and potentially faster patient recovery times.

Increased Staff Retention

A well-trained and competent surgical technologist team fosters a positive work environment. Upskilling helps to address skill gaps, ensuring your employees are more confident and fulfilled in their roles. This training can translate to increased job satisfaction and promote staff retention.

Identifying Upskilling Needs

Determining the upskilling needs of your surgical employees is crucial in optimizing their performance. One practical approach involves conducting regular performance evaluations to assess the competency levels of different surgical techs. Through these evaluations, you can identify strengths and weaknesses like surgical technique proficiency, teamwork skills and adaptability.

Additionally, implementing competency tests allows you to evaluate their technical abilities objectively. You can focus on specific skill sets relevant to their role, such as instrument handling, sterile technique and surgical equipment operation.

Another valuable source of insight is soliciting feedback from surgeons who collaborate closely with your surgical technologist team. Surgeons can offer useful perspectives on areas that need improvement. With these multiple approaches, you can identify skill gaps and create a clear picture of your team's upskilling requirements.

Choose MedCerts Surgical Upskilling Solutions

Equipping your surgical tech team with the latest knowledge doesn't have to be complicated. At MedCerts, we offer a comprehensive suite of upskilling solutions designed to address the specific needs you identified. Our online course in surgical technology covers the latest in surgical prep, equipment and sterility.

For ongoing reskilling and upskilling, we provide continuous self-paced learning opportunities to keep your team sharp. We can tailor course recommendations based on your team's skill assessments and performance evaluations to ensure your techs get the most relevant training possible.

If you are a C-Suite hospital executive or Healthcare HR professional seeking to empower your surgical technologist team, MedCerts is the ideal partner. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with our Partner Solution team and explore MedCerts' solutions to upskill your employees.

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Published on May 14, 2024

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