7 Trending Online Courses & Programs: What Students Want

Published on April 3, 2024

The world is moving at a rapid pace, and higher education needs to keep up to avoid losing out. New industries, ways of learning and student preferences are having a marked influence, and each one has a role to play in how your institution plans its content programs and offerings.

From gamification and mobile apps to alternative technology, today’s learning bears little resemblance to the learning of decades past. Also shifting are trending online courses and the industries leading the wave.

7 Trending Online Programs To Know

According to a survey from the BestColleges 2023 Online Education Trends Report, the top programs and industries are healthcare and computer information technology (IT). Each of these fields is expected to see double-digit growth in the next five years, with healthcare at 30% and IT at 20%.

To appeal to student preferences and ensure high enrollment, you need to meet demand. This might come through new courses, but you can also work with intermediaries like MedCerts Partner Solutions as a Credit For Prior Learning (CPL), reseller or content licensing partner.

Here are some of the trending online programs you’ll see through MedCerts Partner Solutions’ online certification training.

Medical Billing and Coding

The Medical Billing and Coding program teaches students to translate medical procedures and services into the appropriate billing codes. Students learn how to submit and track medical insurance claims and converse with patients during billing inquiries.

Pharmacy Technician Specialist

After taking the Pharmacy Technician Specialist training, students are ready to receive doctor-authorized prescriptions and fill orders. They also learn how to process insurance claims and handle patient payments.

Medical Assistant

Students in the Medical Assistant course learn the full suite of doctor office services, such as recording vitals, assisting with procedures, handling specimens, preparing rooms and supporting patients. This program prepares students for work in many healthcare settings.

Mental Health Support Specialist

The Mental Health Support Specialist program teaches students how to support patients and handle intake, in-patient and crisis care. Students learn to document observations and communicate with patients and their support team.

Healthcare IT Technician

As a bridge between the healthcare and IT fields, the Healthcare IT Technician training teaches students about high-level records management and how to ensure computer system safety. It blends medical business and electronic health records with networking and computer security training.

Cybersecurity Analyst

The Cybersecurity Analyst course prepares students to troubleshoot threats, create scripts and set vulnerability tests to keep computer systems operational. Students learn how to identify scams and malware and keep pace with evolving cyber threats.

IT Security and Network Technician

After taking the IT Security and Network Technician program, students are ready to monitor network systems and keep threat risk low. Students also learn how to respond to network breaches and implement new security measures.

MedCerts Partner Solutions’ Content Licensing Offering

Trending programs are sure to attract students, but how can your institution take advantage without the costly time delay? MedCerts Partner Solutions offers content licensing solutions that increase your time to market and give access to the in-demand programs students want. Your institution can advertise these programs and gain new enrollment, strengthening your market position.

Partner With MedCerts

Knowing what students want and providing the course offerings are two different things. If your institution’s budget and time are limited, consider partnering with MedCerts. Content licensing offers value for students, prepares them for the workforce and connects your institution to trending online programs. Reach out to our team to learn more.

Written by
Robert Hiller
Director of Academic Partnerships

Robert joined MedCerts Partnership team in October 2023 to continue the growth of our network of academic partnerships. He leads a team helping our higher education partners improve their ROI, diversify their offerings and increase their student bodies.

As a driven sales and operations professional, he leverages 10+ years of proven success leading and developing national sales teams to deliver results. Throughout his career, he has deployed solutions that have led to complete turnarounds for industry-leading organizations. He is a cross-functional leader focused on improving processes, reporting, and service delivery to maximize sales and increase retention.

Published on April 3, 2024

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