How to Save On Your Healthcare Recruiter Costs

Published on March 28, 2024

Fees charged by healthcare recruiters can be quite high, sometimes as much as 20% and 35% of the candidate's initial salary. Worse, the healthcare organization doing the hiring is frequently the one to cover those fees, which can place an unacceptable financial burden on their recruitment budget. The high costs present a significant obstacle for healthcare organizations, particularly smaller ones, when deciding to work with professional recruiters.

MedCerts Partner Solutions helps organizations fill their most needed healthcare openings with students trained with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive. Their approach lowers or eliminates the need for recruitment costs and provides a talent pipeline to quickly fill vacancies.

Understanding Healthcare Recruitment Costs

The traditional method of recruitment involves companies advertising job openings, assessing resumes, conducting interviews and ultimately selecting candidates for employment. This process can take a lot of time and money, with organizations using up valuable resources on things like:

  • Advertising fees

  • Background checks

  • Employee training

Conversely, MedCerts offers a cost-effective alternative to consider and simply inverts the traditional hiring model with the train-and-hire method. Instead of following the conventional method of training employees after they have already been hired, MedCerts takes a proactive approach by employing the latest educational technology to train candidates before hiring them. It ensures you have access to a pool of driven employees who have already done the required groundwork.

The benefits for you include:

  • Finding better matches between potential hires and your organization.

  • Exerting more control over the training process.

  • Selecting candidates for the specific skills needed for the job.

There are also extra advantages. Train-and-hire programs enable companies to either enhance the skills of their current employees or recruit individuals for entry-level roles and offer them specialized training. Partnering with MedCerts allows companies to save on recruitment expenses by eliminating the need for traditional recruiters and their associated costs.

A Way to Stay Competitive

That healthcare costs are going up for organizations across the country is not a secret. The increasing expenses of healthcare technology, supply and labor shortages are burdening everyone. Given the circumstances, it is more practical to invest in the retention and training of your current staff rather than pursuing external hires. You have the option to train them to specialize in specific roles within your organization.

Internal training and promotion of employees within a healthcare organization come with several advantages. Since the employer already knows the employee's skills and work ethic, it is a cost-effective and efficient choice. MedCerts Partner Solutions provides organizations with the opportunity to upskill and re-engage their current staff, ensuring they are the first choice when it comes to filling any job openings.

Implementing this strategy can:

  • Boost employee morale

  • Decrease turnover rates

  • Cultivate a highly skilled and productive workforce

This is what sets MedCerts Partner Solutions apart from the rest. Opting for our comprehensive online platform allows individuals to save money that would have been spent on expensive recruiters, while also giving them access to an array of medical certification programs.

With Medcerts Partner Solutions’ user-friendly and accessible platform, healthcare professionals have the freedom to access the training they require from any location and at any time. Contact one of our representatives today to get started.

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Written by
Jennifer Kolb
National Director of Workforce Development

As MedCerts National Director of Workforce Development, Jennifer Kolb is responsible for overseeing strategy and business development efforts at MedCerts with an emphasis on the k-career pipeline.

Prior to MedCerts, Jennifer served in several leadership positions at Tallo and Hawkes Learning where she built and lead sales and marketing, new product launches, technology development updates and an entire product relaunch to be ADA compliant.

Jennifer has spent a decade within the workforce industry working with educators, state leaders, business and industry officials, post-secondary institutions and grant organizations from across the country, all with the mission of bettering people's lives. Coming from a long line of educators and with a business-centered mindset, Jen is passionate about student success and cultivating creative strategies for ensuring all talent has access to educational and career-related opportunities.

Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Psychology with a focus in business management from Clemson University.

Published on March 28, 2024

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