Partnering With Colleges: 3 Ways To Work With MedCerts

Published on October 31, 2023

Today’s education landscape is evolving rapidly. With employers looking more closely at skill sets and young adults less likely to enter college straight from high school, institutions need to shift course to diversify and attract students. An academic partnership with MedCerts could be the ideal solution.

Working with an intermediary leader like MedCerts, your institution can give students in-demand skills that help land jobs, boosting people’s employability and assisting employers to meet market needs.

3 Ways To Work With MedCerts

The best academic partnership option depends on your educational institution’s unique needs.

Credit for Prior Learning

With credit for prior learning (CPL) partnerships, you gain access to a network of engaged allied health and IT professionals. Students who complete MedCerts certifications are primed to funnel their knowledge into degree programs, but some don’t know whether to pursue further education. Others face financial barriers to entry. CPL transfers help you attract a new cohort of students and give them a head start on their coursework.

Your institution benefits from greater publicity, making it easier for prospective students to visualize themselves obtaining a two- or four-year degree. Also, your partnership with MedCerts helps reinforce your commitment to the changing education landscape, where in-demand skills are as equally important as theoretical knowledge.


If your institution lacks the funding or resources to create new courses that match market demand, you can become a reseller with MedCerts. White labeling our 50+ courses gives you immediate access to non-credit, market-ready programs that bring more students into your institution and match them with career-focused coursework.

Employers are looking for hands-on skill sets, and by offering what they need, you’ll stand out among educational institutions and become a more attractive option for students. The right combination of knowledge, skills and abilities can be the ticket to a winning career.

Becoming a reseller of MedCerts programs also acts as a cost-effective way to increase revenue. Pre-made, in-demand courses mean your institution won’t need to hire more health and IT experts or build a new curriculum.

Content Licensing

Licensing our 30+ healthcare courses can give you a commanding increase in college enrollments. The healthcare field continues to grow in demand, with employers struggling to keep up with market needs and recruit qualified professionals.

Students working toward careers as healthcare professionals gain in-demand skills with MedCerts-licensed online courses, benefiting from affordable yet high-quality education developed by industry professionals and subject matter experts.

Licensed courses from MedCerts offer immediate revenue-generating avenues for your institution. What’s more, these courses are cost-effective. Your institution has no upfront costs, paying only when students enroll. This low-risk approach lets you assess the value of our courses to better determine your future needs.

Build Student Enrollment With a MedCerts Partnership

Credit for prior learning, content reselling and content licensing offer valuable benefits to educational institutions and students alike. If your institution wants to grow revenue, increase enrollment or align with educational trends, connect with our MedCerts partnership team to see how we can help. Partnering with colleges is our passion. Together, we can continue to inspire minds and enhance the changing workforce.

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Written by
Rafael Castaneda
Senior Vice President of Workforce Development

With more than 20 years in the postsecondary arena, Rafael has focused on workforce strategies that build programmatic pathways for unemployed and underemployed students from underserved populations.

Before joining MedCerts, Rafael was the chief academic officer and dean of education at CBD College, a private two-year allied health college in Los Angeles. He also served as a strategy and innovation leader for Jobs for the Future (JFF) crafting connections between postsecondary actors and thought leaders. He is a member of the advisory board of the University of California, Irvine’s Customer Experience Program. Rafael has worked with over 2K schools and 1K workforce organizations & employers on solutions.

He strongly believes the three-legged stool of workforce success are schools, businesses, and community organizations but they need a catalyst and that is where MedCerts comes in – as the driver of the solutions to supplement and complement the three.

A passionate believer in education as a great equalizer, Rafael joined MedCerts because the organization provides the opportunity to actively participate in bridging the digital divide and skills gap for unserved populations of students. This extremely rewarding and tangible championing of education-based initiatives alongside serving all demographics students provides a rare opportunity to not just speak, but do.

Rafael is a husband to a brilliant and talented wife, father to two ambitious daughters, and an active member of his community. You will find him at a spin class most weekday mornings and doing outside activities with his family and their French bulldog, Penny, on the weekends. He has lived and worked in all time zones and in nine states over the past 12 years. Connect with Rafael on LinkedIn.

Published on October 31, 2023

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